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Operators are available Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to answer your questions and connect you with a health care provider. Call 918-574-0920.

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We’re proud to share the Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital 2020 Community Benefit Report. Along with hospital statistics, this report reflects TSSH’s impact on the community through unfunded care, discounts to uninsured patients and support to local vendors. It’s an honor to provide unsurpassed care and support to our community every day. See report here.

Elaine Stewart has used the most vulnerable moment of her life, which occurred more than 30 years ago, to motivate herself and hopes to the do the same for others in honor of National Nurses Week.

“It’s a mindset,” said Stewart, a RN in pre-admission testing at Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital. “Could it have killed me? Absolutely. Am I better than dead? Of course I am … It’s a drive to me in each and every patient I come into contact with.”

Stewart was going through a euphoric time in 1990. Living in Abilene, Texas, Stewart had just learned she was six weeks pregnant... Read More »


The following letter was sent to Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital Administration from an individual who had recently undergone spinal surgery.


Dear Mr. Gastineau,

On June 18, I had a spinal surgery and was admitted to Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital (TSSH). I had never heard of this hospital as one having patients, but I am so glad that I was admitted to TSSH.

First, I would like to mention the nurses and other staff that made my stay so special. I will always remember your hospital with great fondness.

Darla was so sweet to me and she... Read More »


On Wednesday, May 6th, Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital (TSSH) celebrated National Nurses Day. We love a good party but since we still have staff out during the pandemic, we temporarily took a more modest approach to our celebration. We'll do the same for Hospital Week (May 10-16) and look forward to "Hospital Week 2.0" in late summer/early fall.

The World Health Organization deemed 2020 as THE YEAR OF THE NURSE and this year has proven that nurses are AMAZING. (As if we didn't already know that!) They are strong, compassionate, empathetic team players and Tulsa... Read More »

No parking spaces to be found. Long lines at checkout. Rush shipping. While most of the city is abuzz with last-minute holiday preparations, Lee Berger and Mike Heavener of Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital aren’t worried about what’s left to cross off their shopping lists. Their vehicles, loaded with six carefully decorated trees and dozens of gifts, are urban sleighs that will arrive just in time for Christmas at the Laura Dester Shelter for children who may not have anyone shopping for them this holiday. “It’s nice to know we are looking out for these children,” Lee adds of the... Read More »

When it comes to colon cancer, there are two sides to the story. First, it is one of the most common, yet treatable forms of cancer when detected early. Second, rates are declining for those 50 and older; however, they are increasing for people under the age of 50. Colon cancer screening, such as a colonoscopy, helps reduce the risk of colon cancer by giving health care providers the opportunity to find and remove polyps, abnormal growths of tissue found in the colon, either at the earliest stages of cancer or prior to any cancer developing. It is a screening that goes beyond just... Read More »

The thrill of jumping into the pool on a warm summer day is one of the highlights of the season for 5-year-old Charlie Armstrong. Escaping the heat and the sounds of the world above, Charlie takes advantage of the limited time before school is back in session and the pool closes to take a deep breath and dive underwater. It is pure bliss – until he rises in pain, shaking his head to let the water out of his ear. To help prevent the sensation of water trapped in his ear and to prevent an infection, also known as swimmer’s ear, from developing, Charlie now wears ear plugs that were fitted... Read More »