Student Orientation

All students must review, print, sign, and deliver to TSSH, prior to attending a clinical shift, the following documents:

Click Student Paperwork to open the page to print all the documents.

1.  Student Emergency Information

2.  Student Behavior Expectations

3.  Student Code of Conduct Form

4.  Student Joint Commission Receipt and Acknowledgement

5.  Student TSSH Disclosure Statement

6.  Student Orientation and Attestation

7.  Student Orientation Acknowledgement

8.  Student Influenza Attestation

9.  Student Fire Safety Orientation


If you are a student providing direct patient care you must review the following presentation material.

1.  Spine Anatomy and Procedure

2.  Scope and Standards of Practice

3.  2014_NPSG

4.  HIPAA Confidentiality

5.  Active Intruder

Please send or deliver your signed documents to the Lee Berggren by scanning and emailing to or by faxing to 918.388.2734.